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Do you know who you really need and how well your recruiting is performing?

We're happy to help you find out!

We support your company in all requirements of talent sourcing and anonymous recruiting as well as in the digitization of these critical processes - without outsourcing them to artificial intelligence.

Recruiting is a people's business!

Our partnership for fair recruiting

anonyfy's technical solution allows anonymous applications to be mapped seamlessly and increases the chances of the best possbile match between candidate and role. This way unconscious bias can be eliminated. Ideal candidates progress through the different interview stages based on their skills, qualifications, personality and values.

We also help you to ensure that the final selection is just as fair and valid as the processes are in anonyfy. We also support organizational change and transformation processes, for example in the direction of inclusive organization.

We'll help you find out who you really need.

Together we analyze your team structure and support you in creating a target profile. We will help you to answer the following questions: What kind of person are you really looking for? How important are qualifications and experience? Is personality and motivation even more important? Together we articulate and write job descriptions which resonate with all potential candidates and are fully inclusive. 

We help you to proactively improve recruiting

Do you measure the performance of your recruiting? And if so, what conclusions do you draw from this?

We analyze your applicant funnel, define and collect key figures and develop the right hiring methodology. With well-defined metrics, the effectiveness of these activities put in place can be evaluated. 

We help you to better understand the recruiting of the future

We offer consultancy service, host and conduct trainings to improve culture and recruiting in your company. Feel free to contact us.

In addition to presentations on the topics of diversity and awareness of unconscious bias, we also offer training how to conduct effective and inclusive interviewing, as well as awareness training for recruiters and decision-makers.

Become a pilot company!

The benefits will look a lot like these below: 

  • An openly communicated, fair process attracts a larger pool of relevant applicants
  • An unbiased decision-making process gives all people involved in the hiring process a great level of confidence. 
  • The anonyfy platform and approach is an effective way which makes recruiting a success for both sides - applicants and companies.
SAndra zemke, Founder & CEO

I founded anonyfy to revolutionize recruiting.

"My vision is that in the future people will work in organizations that value them in their individuality and diversity and engage them in the best possible way to use and promote their talents. I would like to see companies which use the potential of diverse talents to become more innovative, better and more successful. Let's work together on your digital, human & innovative transformation!"
How can I help you to make your recruiting more successful?

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