Join the HR Revolution -

Become the CTO of anonyfy!

Would you like to revolutionize recruiting with us? Do you want to bring anonymous applications to a new level? Are you motivated to build a new, different platform product?

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a true business partner who is as passionate as we are about diversity, new work and perhaps sustainability.

A perfect match would be a person with talent, fun and experience in IT - Development / Engineering, Security and Product Development. It would be nice if you bring startup experience, and team management experience in engineering.

We can pay you as much as we will be able to pay us other Co-Founders, which will be EUR 80.000. Fairness is a high value for us, and we are still a pre-seed Startup. However, we are planning a VSOP Program soon from which you will be profiting from.

You are free to choose your work location. However, we meet in person once a quarter, currently in Munich.

We appreciate open and respectful communication. We will work together closely, and we will probably have to constantly improve ourselves in the process. We would like to build a great business together with you, it starts with us.

What you get from it


Diversity, fairness and appreciation are issues close to our hearts. That is what we live for.

I fully believe in the revolution of recruiting and in the transformation of companies and HR, and I fight for that against all odds.

Agile Work

We try to practice and implement the agile manifesto every day. We use agile methods and digital tools. Our goal is to use all methods as sensibly and pragmatically as possible.

We would love for you to help
us with this.


Where you work, when you work, how you work - we want to allow the greatest possible freedom. To be honest, productive teamwork also means compromises here and there, but we also challenge ourselves on this every day.


For us, appreciation means seeing and celebrating the individual needs and facets of our colleagues. The aim is for everyone to be who they want to be and feel they are, so that we can work in an environment where everyone can grow and shine.


Diversity within the team is valuable, and we try to create a space for diversity to work every day. Not everyone expresses ideas in the same way, and not everyone likes to speak their thoughts out loud. Nevertheless, we want to hear every voice, because together we are a choir.


In building our company as well as the platform, we don't just want to do things the way they have always been done, but the way it has been proven to make sense. And as is common in science, we are happy to revise findings - and try again.

I am looking forward to your message

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