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Your employer brand is well known even before the job description is read. Set yourself apart from the common, rainbow-washed promises and show that you really care about fairness and do not tolerate discrimination in your organization - with an innovative and appreciative recruiting process!

We experienced that that communicating a fair, anonymous process alone has an extremely positive effect on your employer brand and significantly increases the response rate to your job ad.
Show from the start that you value people in their diversity.
Appreciate Diversity

Do you address the right candidates?

act Efficiently but bias-free

Do you receive too many applications?

When too many people apply, you are facing risks your first selection of candidates could be arbitrary at best and biased at worst. Are you already using algorithms or is "AI" running the pre-selection? Many studies show that Artificial Intelligence discriminate minority groups - it may be faster, but it is also very likely that you are already disregarding the perfect candidate in the first round of review.

There is a way of bias-free pre-selection in an efficient way.

Germany is increasingly becoming an applicant market – especially small and medium sized companies are suffering from the effects of the shortage of skilled workers.
The time is now to uplift your employer brand - implement a fair recruiting procedure and appreciative processes right from the start for your applicants.
BE ahead of the curve

Are you reaching not enough candidates?

Discover existing talents

Are promising talents among your colleagues already?

Once a person is hired, his or her previous professional experience is often completely ignored. Available qualifications and skill sets among existing employees typically remain unseen inside the organisation. An anonymous recruiting process helps to give all employees a fair chance to  successfully apply when job roles become available. This way you are not only helping to make hidden talents visible, but also invite your direct peers to apply to a job which many of them might not consider when there has not been an anonymous, protected framework established.
Diverse teams are proven to be more innovative. Why?
Diverse perspectives result in new and sometimes unusual solutions. Your customers are diverse, so your solution should be too, and so need to be your employees. anonyfy helps you to find exactly the people who complement, expand and enrich your team and your culture.
enrich company culture

Are your teams innovative enough?

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