Say goodbye to bias and win the war for talent!

Take anonymous applications to the next level, finally making fair recruiting possible. Reach the right talents who will lead your company to success and beyond. This is the reason why we have developed anonyfy - the social platform and tool for blind hiring!

Improve your teams with anonyfy.

anonyfy is an innovative tool making blind hiring work effectively. More diverse employees lead to a more diverse company culture capitalizing on existing and potentially new business areas.

With anonyfy you are taking action.

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Erhöhen Sie Ihre Diversität mit der anonymen Bewerbung
For businesses

Are you hiring the right people?

Do you lack people who embrace innovation? Need more diversity? Do you want to realign your corporate culture? Do you want to strengthen your employer brand? Show that you appreciate the uniqueness of your employees!

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Blind hiring results

into better hires

Where are biases in recruiting and what are the effects? Why is anti-bias training only of limited help? What does it mean specifically to recruit anonymously? And what does it take for the hiring manager to make a good hiring decision despite the lack of information?
Blind hiring with anonyfy
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For applicants

What would you like to be hired for?

What do you consider relevant in your application? Your skin color, world view, cultural background or gender? Or rather your qualifications, motivation, your skills and your personality?

How blind hiring contributes to more corporate success

Diversity leads to economic success

Research shows diverse teams are proven to be more innovative, risk avert and perform better - as documented in a study by Cedric Herring from 2017.

Diverse perspectives and backgrounds lead to new ideas and better risk awareness.

Set new impulses!

Cognitive bias hurts recruiting

Unconscious bias is human. They exist in our brain and help us to structure information - and it is not easy to identify and avoid them. However, these distortions are harmful in recruiting when too many candidates are getting eliminated right away. Chances are you might have missed the best fit.
Widen your vision!

Blind hiring increases the chance for diversity

anonyfy supports the recruiting process with valid diagnostics ensuring the hiring manager can select candidates without bias. Ultimately the hiring manager can choose from candidates who are objectively equally qualified and diverse as well as leading to a positive impact on the employer brand.

Recruit with anonyfy! 

Consulting services for diversity, change and transformation management

How to use anonyfy

Do you have questions about the anonyfy platform?

Do you need specific interfaces? We are happy to help!

What talent do you really need?

We work with you to clarify this important question and create the job description in a way that the right candidates will apply.  In the next step we support you with the final selection of applicants.
Fair and valid.

Transform your organization!

We support you in organizational change and transformation processes to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

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